The ☮PeaceFeet Story

In 2009, I created ☮PeaceFeet to converge my passion for art with my passion for efforts to rebuild northern Uganda.  Past ☮PeaceFeet profits helped me repay fees from my previous trip to Uganda, and forthcoming profits will benefit my future trips to Africa.  

I want to more deeply experience African cultures and continue discovering how I can positively influence progress in communities of need. Eventually, I hope to establish relationships within communities as a teacher and supporter of developing sustainable art businesses in northern Uganda, and perhaps in other countries as well.  I have also completed an independent psychology study at Grand Valley State University regarding psychological effects of child soldiers and effective rehabilitation and reintegration strategies, and the project has promoted my interest in working with former child soldiers, sex slaves, and porters in Central East Africa.

As a teacher abroad and within the United States, I will serve as a link between nations, influencing my students to be effective members of the world society with the experiential knowledge I gain. My ultimate dream is to create a community center in the United States that fosters international relationships and promotes growth for affiliated communities. 

Each ☮PeaceFeet purchase and donation supports the steps I am taking to make my dreams, and the dreams of others, reality.


I left a part of my heart in Uganda, among people who express unreserved love and compassion for each other, for life in general, and for God. Despite the 24-year-long war in Northern Uganda that has driven countless child abductions, child soldiering, sex slavery, displacement camps, destruction, and disease, there is hope for peace in Uganda. The people I encountered in Uganda have endured atrocities unfathomable to most of us, yet they still emanate love for one another that is absolutely inspirational.


While the people of Uganda foster love and hope, there is still much to be done to attain peace. They need freedom from the atrocities they've endured for so long. Freedom from Joseph Kony's rebel army. Freedom from displacement. They need assistance with health. Sustainability. Education.

Since learning about the situation in Central East Africa a few years ago, I have actively participated in efforts supporting the people of Uganda and to raise awareness of the brutalities they face. Through my experiences as an officer in Students for a Peaceful Africa, an activist with Invisible Children, and a member of the World Help Xtreme Mission: Gulu mission team, I have developed increasing passion for efforts in and around Northern Uganda. 

$37 will buy you a custom painted pair of ☮PeaceFeet and support my goals--including returning to Uganda.



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