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To purchase a pair of ☮PeaceFeet for $37, complete the following form.  Clicking "submit" will send the form to me, and I will assess your request and reply to you as soon as conveniently possible.  We will then work out a payment and delivery agreement (shipping costs--usually around $5--are to be paid by buyer).  If you would like to reach me with any questions, please do so via the "Contact Me" page.  Thank you for contributing to ☮PeaceFeet!

Each pair of ☮PeaceFeet is coated with protective, water-resistant acrylic that will enhance the life of your painted designs.  However, I do not recommend puddle-stomping, walking through rivers, or sprinting mid-thunderstorm in your painted shoes...but only you can decide how much you want to test the limits of your custom painted ☮PeaceFeet!

Contact Information:

Ex: 555 555 5555

Mailing Address

Select as many options as you're open to for your shoes. If you have a particular preference, you can still select multiple options as back-up and identify your first preference in the comments section at the end of this form.

The following sections are for painting inspiration. Answer according to your preferences for your painted shoes. You may leave sections blank.
Feel free to be specific. After all, it's fun to create new paint colors!
Such as plaid, polka dots, argyle, swirls, stripes, animal prints...
Such as peace signs, hearts, stars, palm trees...

Thank you for your purchase request!  I will get back to you as soon as I can to complete the order & payment process.

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